Training and workshops for manufacturers, importers and retailers


For manufacturers: training on CE marking, reasonable testing, recalls and much more

The requirements are increasing due to the rapid change of the market and especially due to the fact that there is not ONE set of regulations for bringing bicycles and e-bikes on the market. The directives, laws and relevant standards are comprehensibly presented from practice for practice. Specific international regulations can be presented as well as small-scale, mandatory product-related documentation, such as a risk assessment.

Your entire team, from management via product management to service, will be made fit by us for coping with the pitfalls of the market and the law.


For retailers: training on how to implement the legal situation in sales and the workshop, the changes and the special features when working with e-bikes and much more

The number of civil cases is rising inexorably. Changing litigiousness, legal costs insurance and more complex products are fuelling the trend in the bicycle sector as well. We estimate that 50% of the proceedings could have been avoided probably, if not certainly, if the bicycle dealer or the staff had been well versed in terms of liability for material defects or product safety, including tips on how to de-escalate aggressive customers. The uncertainty about what you are allowed to assemble and what you are not allowed also paralyses the repair business. These topics are presented in an easily consumable way in the training, and the different levels of knowledge are carefully balanced.

Your entire team, from management via sales to workshop, will be made fit by us for the challenges of an increasingly demanding clientele.


Contents of lectures:


  • Changing market and industry
  • Causal investigation and approaches to solutions
  • Food for thought
  • Be honest and document
  • Recalls
  • Legal situation
  • Standards and directives
  • CE certification
  • Obligations of the manufacturer
  • Obligations of the retailer
  • Retrofit kits e-bike
  • Tuning


You find more information in our portfolio "Workshop product safey and liability, CE marking".

Training by the test engineers of Zedler-Institut means:


  • Profound knowledge gained through accompanying proceedings of market surveillance authorities in several countries of the EU and Switzerland
  • Experience from thousands of product tests of bicycles and e-bikes
  • Enormous wealth of knowledge through the transfer of the experience of expert colleagues from almost countless product liability cases in Europe, the USA and the Middle East
  • Profound knowledge of recall processing based on about 20 years of experience in this field
  • The knowledge base has also been kept up to date through participation in standards committees and all major conferences of the bicycle industry over the past 20 years
  • In addition, the speakers perform test rides as private individuals and cycle for special interest magazines or industrial customers tens of thousands of miles by bike / e-bike per year


Public speeches/presentations given by the Zedler-Group in the last years


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